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最新1本道dvd更新 1本道Av在線Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd.: innovative, creative and determined to deliver products that will have a positive impact on the lives of people throughout the world.

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A Message from our MD

Otsuka Europe has a passion

for improving the health of people in Europe

We are committed to focusing our research and development on innovative products and medical devices that address unmet medical needs.

最新1本道dvd更新 1本道Av在線Otsuka UK is in a very exciting phase of our evolution. We are a dynamic, growing organisation with a diverse group of motivated employees, all working together in an environment that fosters creativity, innovation and collaboration. By encouraging our people to follow these ideals, we help to unlock their true potential as they strive to deliver new products for better health worldwide and create the healthcare solutions of tomorrow.

We are truly different and proud of it. First and foremost, we are fortunate to remain a Japanese company of which the largest shareholder is the Otsuka family. This enables us to make decisions very differently from publicly owned pharmaceutical companies, for instance by having a true long term vision: Otsuka is not merely focused on next quarter results, we work for the next generation and beyond.

As a result, Otsuka is all about people. Under the leadership of our CEO, Dr Tatsuo Higuchi, following Dr. Taro Iwamoto's legacy, we believe that innovation is driven by devoted, passionate and creative individuals, who are able to turn ideas into reality. We challenge the status quo, we remain curious and embrace unconventional ideas. Our commitment to innovation through "Sosozei" (creativity) and "Jissho-shugi" (earning responsibility by consistently delivering results) is part of who we are. As a result, Otsuka UK will continue to push the boundaries of possibility, enabling us to provide treatments and patient support to help people enjoy the best possible quality of life.

All these factors combined help us to reach our goal: “Otsuka – people creating new products for better health worldwide."

Stewart Pearce, Managing Director, Otsuka Pharmaceutical UK