Why Otsuka Europe?
Otsuka is a dynamic and vibrant organisation. Our European team is a diverse group of motivated individuals who have a passion for delivering innovative products that offer better healthcare to patients worldwide.
  • We employ people who want to release their creativity, can think unconventionally, and want to follow their dreams.
  • You’ll find us a welcoming and friendly place, where people enjoy what they do and gain immense satisfaction from their work.
  • To help to unlock the maximum potential in our people, we’ve created an inspiring work environment that stimulates innovative thought and togetherness. Our open-plan style encourages collaboration, teamwork and communication, which encourages the cross-fertilisation of ideas. For example, the interior design of our European regional office includes an ‘Innovation area’, quiet rooms and an English pub-themed restaurant known as ‘The Otsuka Arms’, all with the aim of maximising creativity, whether you have plenty of experience or are just starting out on your career.
  • With over 46,000 employees globally, and over 550 employees in Europe, we are thinking big and plan to grow to match our aspirations and those of our highly successful Japanese parent company.  

Date of preparation: January 2019

Reference OPEL/0119/COMS/1000r

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