Our Patient Focus
At Otsuka, the health and wellbeing of patients is our primary focus, and everything we do as a company is geared towards achieving it. This means that we research, develop and provide pharmaceuticals that make a real difference to people’s lives in areas of unmet medical need including our key therapy areas of mental health, oncology, cardio-renal, nephrology and infectious diseases. We strive to understand the needs of patients and their carers, by collaborating with patient advocacy groups to learn more about the challenges that they face.  We listen to patients and healthcare professionals. What they tell us guides our research, whether it’s to develop new medicines with fewer side effects or to look for new technologies that may ease the burden of a disease. We aim to help people by trying to create products that nobody else has thought of, rather than create more of the same products that already exist in an overcrowded market. We aspire to do what others don’t, won’t or can’t, taking a highly patient-centric view and persevering until we are successful, such as in the search for anti-infectives to treat tuberculosis, many strains of which are drug-resistant and can prove fatal. Otsuka is willing to take a long-term view when it comes to investing in researching diseases and disorders that are difficult to treat and that can seriously affect people’s lives. We understand that it can take a decade or longer to come up with the answers and subsequently provide the medicines that can alleviate or prevent suffering, but perseverance is a trait that is found in all our employees. For example, one of our products, an anti-psychotic drug, took more than 25 years from its initial concept to being made available to people worldwide. Otsuka provided the optimum environment to let our researchers persevere over a long period eventually leading to the launch of a new treatment option for those with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. By giving our people time to be curious and take untravelled paths, Otsuka is working towards creating the solutions for tomorrow to improve the health of millions of people.

Date of preparation: January 2019

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World Mental Health Day


Otsuka Europe supports World Mental Health Day, which is an annual event to promote better understanding of, and support for, mental health issues. In 2014, the theme was ‘Living with Schizophrenia’ and Otsuka hosted an event at its European regional office to mark the occasion.

Otsuka employees heard from several guest speakers, including a patient and a leading psychiatrist, who talked about various aspects of schizophrenia. Otsuka employees raised money on the day by bringing in homemade sweet and savoury dishes to sell in The Otsuka Arms, our on-site pub-themed restaurant. This was to donate to New Horizons, a charity supported by OPEL and OPUK as part of our European Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.

New Horizons endeavours to project a positive image of people suffering with mental health issues through challenging discrimination by means of education, outreach work, information and support services. Approximately one in four people will experience mental health problems at some time in their life. During the journey to recovery, people may need support, as they can become isolated and their confidence can be shattered.