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What makes us different?

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe’s 550 employees focus their passion and energy on ensuring that patients in Europe have access to Otsuka’s innovative products and medical devices in our key therapy areas of mental health, endocrinology, nephrology and oncology.  We employ highly talented people who share our vision and are dedicated to delivering best-in-class products for diseases that are difficult to treat. Otsuka originally established a representative office in Europe in 1974. Five years later, Laboratorios Miquel S.A. of Spain became the first Otsuka group operating company in Europe after receiving investment from Otsuka Pharmaceutical in Japan. Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd. was then established in 1998 as the regional office for Otsuka’s European pharmaceutical business, based just outside London. Clinical development, commercialisation and sales and marketing operations in France, Germany, Italy, the Nordic region, Spain, Switzerland and the UK have established offices that are supported by Otsuka's European regional office. In addition to these established businesses, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe also manages its other European operations, selling products through a number of partnerships and distributors. Otsuka Europe Development and Commercialisation Ltd. (OEDC) is based at the same location (with a branch office in Frankfurt) and was established in 2013 to ensure the successful development and commercialisation of our products in Europe.
It is the passion, drive, diversity, creativity and unconventional thinking of our people in Europe that makes things happen. We want all of our employees to be empowered and motivated to carry out their roles as part of Otsuka’s global family.
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Ole Vahlgren

CEO & President, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe

Date of preparation: January 2019

Reference OPEL/0119/COMS/1000b

Cambridge University identifies Otsuka Europe as an ‘Employer of Choice’


Otsuka Europe has been recognised by Cambridge University as an ‘Employer of Choice’, which positively encourages diversity, integrity and innovation. Following this prestigious recognition, Cambridge University published an article, entitled ‘The secret to nurturing fruitful growth – dare to be different’, in the ‘Cambridge: Inspiring Leadership & Innovation’ publication.

最新1本道dvd更新 1本道Av在線This publication is widely circulated, both in a printed and e-book format, to over 20,000 Cambridge students, as well as members of the Cambridge Alumni Association, government departments, more than 30,000 educational establishments, 17,000 higher and further education institutions worldwide, international accreditation bodies, and other global business audiences.

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From humble beginnings in Japan, nearly 90 years ago, the Otsuka vision has remained constant. Our vision has led to the evolution of a global healthcare business with a worldwide network of 180 companies and 46 research institutes.