Digital Medicine
At Otsuka, we consider medication to be only one element of a patient’s complete care package. We are continuously evaluating how digital healthcare technology can provide additional options, not only to our patients, but also for caregivers and healthcare professionals to better support patients to live with their conditions. We are currently focused on mental health services, exploring where technology and the use of analytics could help improve the care that patients receive. An example of this is how Otsuka is assisting clinical decision making in mental health services with use of ingestible sensors. Ingestible sensors are embedded in medication and send a brief, real-time signal to a wearable patch worn on the torso of the patient when ingested. The wearable patch then sends a message to an app on the patient’s mobile device indicating when the medicine has been taken. This app also sends the information to the patient’s healthcare professional to confirm that the medicine has been taken. This data can be combined with information on physical health such as sleep patterns and activity, providing insight to health services to potentially improve the efficiency of patient care and identify individuals who need greater support. Digital Medicine could also improve patient engagement in their care, adherence to treatment and other lifestyle alterations, reducing the impact on mental health services. We are looking forward to being even more involved in the evolving digital health landscape to find solutions that will benefit patients throughout Europe.

Date of preparation: January 2019

Reference OPEL/0119/COMS/1000p