Creative Environment
Thinking differently
We believe that people need to work in an inspiring environment to unlock the true potential of the mind. Throughout Europe, we immerse our employees in a working culture that is friendly, vibrant and dynamic, so that they can enjoy their work and creativity can thrive. Our people work towards the greater good of developing new products that can really make a difference to people’s lives.  The spirit of togetherness is why Otsuka Europe recently brought the research and development and commercial operations teams together under one roof. Our integrated open-plan working environment also encourages collaboration, teamwork and communication, helping with the cross-fertilisation of ideas, for example, the interior design of Otsuka’s European regional office includes an ‘Innovation area’ and an English pub-themed restaurant known as ‘The Otsuka Arms’, all with the aim of maximising creativity. 

Taking the Road Less Travelled

To some, it may seem surprising that our new office is 20km to the west of London, in the middle of green fields, rather than in the middle of the city. However, being in the city is not the Otsuka way, as Ole Vahlgren, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe’s President & CEO, explains: “The move to our new premises reflects Otsuka Europe’s commitment to deliver transformation and expansion within Europe. Based in a beautiful countryside setting, the new office is in keeping with the ethos of the late Chairman Mr Akihiko Otsuka’s belief that if employees take the ‘road less travelled’ they are more likely to come up with innovative concepts and new ways of doing things”.

Date of preparation: January 2019

Reference OPEL/0119/COMS/1000l

Brainstorming in The Otsuka Arms


最新1本道dvd更新 1本道Av在線Not many organisations would think of building a pub-themed restaurant in the centre of their new European regional office, but then again, Otsuka always likes to think and do things differently! The Otsuka Arms is where employees from the R&D and commercial arms of the business come together in a relaxed environment that has been meticulously designed to stimulate creative thinking.

Brainstorming regularly takes place over a cappuccino while lounging on the comfy sofas, or outside on the terrace with its park-like views, where the only distractions are birds tweeting or the occasional cry of ‘goal’ during Friday’s lunchtime games on the football pitch.

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